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Who is going to pay for the costs?

You’re obliged to take out health insurance yourself. When you have health insurance, the costs are covered by your health insurance.
Patients who can’t prove they’re insured will immediately need to pay at the out-of-hours GP practice with a debit card.
These patients can subsequently claim back these costs if they’re insured for this. The same also applies to all foreign tourists.


The following rates are set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority effective from January 1, 2024 :

Consultation at local out-of-hours GP practice : €150.61
Visit at home by the GP: €225.92
Triage consultation by telephone: €35

The Dutch Healthcare Authority (DHa) is a national organisation which sets the rates for healthcare institutions.
The DHa assesses the rates the out-of-hours GP practice can charge every year. The rates may differ per out-of-hours GP practice.

Patients who live outside the EU (even if they have insurance) are obliged to pay a fee, except if they possess an EHIC.
Upon returning home, they can seek reimbursement from their insurance company