Life threatening situation? Always call 112

How does the out-of-hours GP practice work?

1. Which symptoms should I contact the out-of-hours GP practice about?

Do you urgently need a GP in the evening, at night or during the weekend? You can contact us for an appointment on weekdays from 17.00 till 8.00 and in weekends from Friday 17.00 till Monday 8.00.

Urgent symptoms are health symptoms which can’t wait until you can visit your own GP the next working day.
For example, worsening shortness of breath, paralysis symptoms, severe pain, a seriously ill child or an accident at home. Or if you’re concerned enough to want to request medical advice!

2. Always call for an apointment

You always need to call for an appointment first. The out-of-hours GP practice is only available to patiënts with urgent symptoms in the evening, at night, during the weekend or on public holidays. You should go and see your own GP the next working day if your symptoms are not urgent.

3. What information will the out-of-hours GP practice need from me when I call?

The following is some of the patiënt information the triage assistant will need from you:
If you’re calling on behalf of someone else, then you’ll also need to have this information to hand for that person.

  • Your date of birth, name, postcode and house number
  • Your telephone number
  • Your GP’s name
  • Your health insurance number
  • Description of your symptom(s)
  • Your medical history (any important conditions/illnesses/allergies)
  • Any regular medication you take
  • Proof of identity (are you visiting the out-of-hours GP practice? Then make sure you bring your proof of identity with you)

4. How the GP Triage call Works

An experienced doctor’s assistant will answer the phone when you call the out-of-hours GP practice (Huisartsenpost DrechtDokters). She will ask you about your symptoms. She’ll also ask you about any regular medication and your insurance details. Make sure you have this to hand. Make sure you also take your proof of identity with you to the out-of-hours GP practice. This is compulsory and can be requested. The assistant can (depending on your symptoms):

  • give advice without you speaking to the GP yourself. This will concern symptoms which, from a medical perspective, can wait until you can visit your own GP. All advice is carefully checked by the duty doctor at the practice within one hour (self-care advice)
  • ask the GP to call you back (telephone consultation)
  • make an appointment for you at the emergency out-of-hours GP practice (consultation)
  • arrange for a GP to come to your home (visit)

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